How long does it take to make a vase?

Depending on how many orders I receive custom work can take between 8-10 weeks. You are welcome to email me anytime for an update on your order.

How big are the vases?

approx 11 inches tall

Can I order more than one vase? 

absolutely- just specify in the form that you are ordering separate vases & not multiple faces on one vase. (no need to submit multiple forms- it loads into my email in a confusing way) 

Can I rush order my vase? 

NOO! with ceramics a lot of the timing is out of my control, the clay needs to dry out completely and there are multiple firings involved. I'm happy to send you WIP pics at any point of the process though! 

Can I order a vase of an animal besides dog/cat?

probably yes! email me and we will discuss :) 

How do I pay for my vase? 

There is a private webpage connected to my site that I will send you over email once we have confirmed the project! if you are ordering multiple vases that are all shipping to different locations I will send you an invoice over paypal! 

Should I email katie to order a vase when commission requests are closed? 

please don't :)

Whats the process? 

I sculpt the portrait of your pet onto a vase based on the photos you send me, wait for it to completely dry out & put it into the kiln for a bisque fire. once the piece is bisque I use low fire glazes to put your pets coloring onto the vase & fire again! If your pet has a complicated coloring sometimes It will take multiple firings to get the coloring just right :) 

Can I commission a piece that is not a vase? 

Possibly! email me at katielovesemail@gmail.com with your idea

2019/2020 Pricing *

One pet vase- $275

Two pet vase- $350

Three pet vase- $425

*does not include cost of shipping + taxes when applicable